Writings of the week (nr. 2)

Hello Booknerds!


Okay, so this may not be the promised ‘weekly’ update, but I haven’t found that many interesting articles the last couple of weeks. Or maybe I was just too lazy to post them, who can say? O:) Oooor, it might have had something to do with the fact that I’ve just spent a week in sunny Gran Canaria, reading by the pool! Reading actual books, yes. The internet connection was awful. Free wifi? Meh. But dreaming of wifi is free, I suppose. But now I’m back and ready to hit you up with some juicy writings!

So without further ado: The writings of the week!

1. He’s NOT batman

“11 Batsh*it moments from Donald Trump’s batsh*it climate change speech” Honestly, I’m just re-blogging this for the title. It’s just so accurate! I cannot grasp that Donald Trump, orange oompa loompah, managed to become president of the United States, and was given the power to mess up not only his own country, but the entire world! Oh, Mr. Obama, how we miss you! Watch the crazy here.


2. The hardest game of ‘who said it’ you’ll ever play

Who said it: Donald Trump or Frank Underwood? Man, I’d take Frank Underwood over Donald Trump any day. I’ll give you my word on that, even though I still have to finish watching season 4 (trust me, I’m on that, I LOVE House of Cards). At least Frank Underwood is an intelligent life-form. I got 12 out of 15, by the way! Golden tip: Frank Underwood’s got a richer vocabulary than Trump does. It gives him away sometimes 😉 Play here!


3. This is why

An older article, but still very interesting! Personally, I love 13 Reasons Why, despite the controversy. I was intrigued by this article because the author is an adolescent psychologist explaining what lessons we should learn from the tv-show, instead of focussing on the negative aspects. Read it here.


4. More music, please!

Are we running out of music? This is actually a question I’ve been asking myself since I was a kid, so it was very enlightening to see it answered. Think about it: We hear more and more about possible plagiarism in the media. But is it intentional copying, or has everything been done already, causing people to come up with tunes that sounds similar to existing ones, by default? How long does it take before we use up every combination of notes and words? Okay, obviously it’s going to take a long time, but could it really happen? Click to find out!

music gif.gif


Presenting: Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy answer some questions while playing with PUPPIES. Oh my! OH MY! I can’t stop watching this. This has raised the bar for everything I’ll read or watch for the rest of the year. They said the whole album won’t sound like Young and Menace, which makes me very happy! And just FYI, about that fashion question: In the early 2000s I learned how to do eyeliner by watching pics of Pete. Juuuuust saying, Pete, darling. Also: I wish I looked that cute when I smiled. Watch the best thing you’ll ever see here!


So, that’s all for this week! Stay tuned for more amazing writings and video’s!


Lots of love,


The Booknerd




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