No calories, no problem? – Chris Pratt on body shaming

Hello Booknerds!

Here’s another thing that I love: Chris Pratt. I know what you’re thinking, and yes, of course his looks are amazing, but that’s not why I love him. I just think he’s an excellent actor, who picks awesome movies, and still seems to be a decent human being despite his fame. So yes, hurray for Chris Pratt!
The last couple of weeks I’ve started to love him even more, because he started something on Instagram, called ‚What’s My Snack’ and wow, it’s so relatable and funny as hell. :’)

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should definitely follow him on Instagram – in fact, do that right now, I’ll wait here til you come back. Here’s the link.

Okay, so now you’ve done that, you should absolutely watch the #WHATSMYSNACK clips. See, in order to stay fit for his latest movie, Jurassic Park 2 (YAY, more about that later, that’s a completely different post), Chris is on a strict diet. And we all know the problem with strict diets: Hunger.

I really adore how open he’s being about his food regime, and how he doesn’t make it out to be something glamorous.
He’s honest about it: He’s hungry, he’s pissed, he wants food and his ‚healthy’ snacks taste terrible. And of course there’s the late night cravings.

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Hot new full length episode of #WHATSMYSNACK

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They’re even worse when you have less food to eat the following day, if you give in to them. Jeesh. I feel for you, Chris.
This was a must see in itself, so I was kinda planning to use it for ‚Writings of the Week’, even though it’s mostly video’s. But then this happened…

Let’s all remember, first of all, that Chris used to look a bit different – I’m not at all saying he was too heavy, or that he looked bad, because he wasn’t, and he looked great. But he showed his resolve to change his body to what is is now… and wow. I do not posses such discipline. And I never will. I wish I was strong enough to eat assorted sashimi and cucumber rolls all day :’)
96050bfcc8d6db4110db7d2fa160a6a0Ironically, Chris was body shamed before, and now, he’s apparently being body shamed again. This time, for being “too thin”. Is it just me, or do people always find things to complain about? (Que Taylor: ‚Cause the haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate…’)

Seriously though, why do people think it’s okay to body shame him? Or anyone, for that matter?

Chris responded on Instagram, with the best puns ever. But his message rings true. We don’t get to body shame people just because they’re male. Men have feelings too, our society is just built to ignore that. If you’re a true feminist, you have to admit that that, too, is wrong.
I admire Chris for speaking up about it, as he was undoubtedly told that boys don’t cry or complain about things like that, at least once or twice in his life.

I’m making this a special post, because gender inequality is real, and it’s not okay – and of course careless haters in general aren’t okay, either. The internet is a scary place, where it’s easy to bash someone you don’t even know, where people feel like their judgement is needed, or even expected… And I want The Booknerd’s Guide to be a safe place for everyone. So I’m starting a strict anti-hate policy, okay? We can be critics, we can have a laugh, we can dislike things for good reasons, but we won’t hate on anyone just because we can. Deal? Once and for all guys: Chris can eat whatever he wants and complain about it, Emma’s tits have nothing to do with it, love is love – and hate is hate.

And ‘What’s my Snack’ is hilarious! WATCH IT!


Lots of love around here ❤


The Booknerd


As for the haters… Take it away Taylor:


Thank you, Taylor.


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