The return of All Time Low

Hello Booknerds!

So I’ve told you that I love love love punk rock, pop rock, hard rock and everything in between. All Time Low is one of those bands that just never gets old. It’s one of those bands you listen to when you feel like bouncing around the house, or when you need to lighten up a little. Or, ironically, when you’re angry as hell and need to vent. Even more ironically: It’s All Time Low that will always bring you that all time high.

They’ve been around forever, and yet somehow they seem to have reinvented themselves just enough to stick around for… yeah, the rest of forever.

Their biggest strength? Catchiness. I feel horrible for saying that, since I’m mostly into lyrics when it comes to anything on the punk spectrum. And they’re certainly not bad in that area either! Their new singles, Dirty Laundry and Last Young Renegade, prove that once again. After all, it’s really hard to make a catchy song that still has something to say, cause there needs to be enough repetition and the repetition also can’t get old too fast because that makes the meaning fade to the background. Did that make sense? I hope so.

I really liked Future Hearts, their previous album, since it’s one of their most… how do I put this? ‘Finished’ albums? It’s just a complete picture. Although I must admit that I ended up listening to only of couple of those songs regularly. Old Scars/Future Hearts, Something’s Gotta Give and Runaways are great ‘I’m walking through the city in the morning on my way to the subway, trying to get pumped for work’-songs, you know. I think the rest of the album just speaks to me more when I’ve got the time to blast it through the speakers when I’m home alone.

(Weird fact about me: I love listening to All Time Low when I’m cooking. Yes, cooking. Imagine me dropping cut veggies and splattering tomato sauce everywhere – the walls, the floor – because dancing is prior to making sure everything ends up in the pan. Not sure if that’s what they had in mind when they were making the album. 🙂 Great tip: It also works well for singing in the shower. But you probably knew that.)

This time around, I’m already in love with Dirty Laundry. Don’t get me wrong, Last Young renegade sounds amazing, but I love the kind of ‘deeper dimension’ Dirty Laundry brings to the table. It’s an ‘eyes closed, head back, spiritual healing’ song.

Last Young Renegade makes it clear from the first couple of notes: “Hey guys, this is the kind of  song that requires jumping by the time w e get to the chorus!” And indeed: You are my last young renegade heartaaaaaache…

I suspect that there’ll be 2 more singles since they’ve got these logo’s on their jackets that seem to represent songs. Notice Alex’ jacket in the Dirty Laundry video.

I, for one, am really hoping they’ll come back to Belgium soon!  Keep posted, cause this will definitely be continued on June 2nd, when the new album gets released. I can’t wait! How about you guys?


Lots of love,


The Booknerd (who seems to be doing a lot of music pieces right now. Musicnerd.)


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