Writings of the Week (nr. 1)

Hello Booknerds!

So, I can hear you wondering: “Besides writing this geeky blog, what does this weirdo do to kill time?” I’m glad you asked!

I work as a journalist, so I spend a lot of time browsing news sites for useful information. Sometimes, however, I come across some gems I don’t need for work, but still look really interesting to get back to when I’m sitting on the couch, later. So I save them, and I read them when I get home.

And I started thinking… These are so good! And I sent them to a couple of friends to read, as well. They liked them, so I figured.. I should probably share them on my blog! Since most of the articles were in English, sharing them om the Dutch version of The Booknerd’s Guide seemed pointless. But now, I’m thinking I might make this a regular thing! So here they are: The best articles of the week (in my opinion)! Technically, they’re not all writings, since two of them include video’s, but you know what I mean. The internet’s finest! 🙂

Keep in mind: These are articles I found this week, so they might be written a bit earlier.

1. Give the girl a break

Why do so many male journalists insist female celebs are flirting with them? Excellent question! I enjoyed this article because I noticed these kinds of narratives before, and I always felt so bad for the female stars. You work hard, you try to make a difference in your field of work, and the men who are supposed to ask you the important questions want to talk about… your looks. Or worse, they’re trying to suggest not only that they want to sleep with you, but also that you might want to sleep with them. So unfair 😦 But a very, very, fascinating read for the modern feminist!

(I love the writing style: So sarcastic I wanna cry.)


2. This is fiction

Do you remember Love Actually? Of course you do, because it’s EVERYWHERE right now. The long awaited sequel caused a wave of media attention and excited speculation from fans. These fans, however, have been speculating about the fate of their favourite characters since the first movie was still in theaters. And they wrote their theories down, of course.

This is what the sequel to Love Actually should look like, according to FAN FICTION! Need I say more?!

Read it, read it now, and maybe read the fan fiction later. (I didn’t, so let me know if it’s any good)


3. Spot the differences

Harry Potter star Rupert Grint is often mistaken for songwriting legend Ed Sheeran. (I personally don’t see that much of a resemblance? 🙂 People must get confused by their epic ginger hair, you absolutely right, Rupert) Anyway, this a DRAMATIC reading of Shape of You, performed by Rupert Grint. And Oh I, Oh I, Oh I, Oh I’m dying, it’s so good. Save this one for when you’re having a bad day! 😀


4. Never ever Google yourself

Unless you’re Ryan Reynolds or Jake Gyllenhaal, and you’re willing to sit in a room together to answer the most googled questions about yourself. This YouTube clip is hilarious, and you should watch it right now! Just don’t expect to get any real answers. :’)


If you liked these, ‚Writings of the Week’ can be found in the main category list, from now on!

Lots of love,


The Booknerd


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